Marriage Amnesty Day is a day of forgiveness, pardon, amnesty, for those that have been meaning to get married but the thought of hosting a wedding gives them a scare. Marriage amnesty Day is one day where everyone can get married for free!

We believe that marriage is important and valuable, and a wedding shouldn’t stand in between you and the most valuable union you could join, so for one day we’re pardoning everyone that has been meaning to get married, and I will marry you for free.

Free | January 6, 2018, The Riverstone Estate, Yarra Valley, Melbourne


K&A wanted to get married but planning their wedding was getting out of control, and it turned out that it wasn’t exactly how they wanted to enter into marriage. So, they cancelled their wedding and asked me to donate it to other people that wanted to get married. I thought we could go one better and rescue everyone that wanted to get married by didn’t want to, or couldn’t hold, a wedding. We’re doing it again in 2018 because of similar circumstances.


Here is a liberating message for people in love: you don’t need to hold a wedding to get married. In fact, a wedding is but a day, a marriage is for life. Or for the math-heads: marriage > wedding.

I know that there are so many people that truly want to spend the rest of their lives tackling and adventuring life with their favourite person, and some of those people are even allowed to legally enter into marriage. So many brides and grooms have legitimate excuses about the cost of a marriage, or the fear of trying to get all of their family in one room, let’s face it: weddings can be stressful. The idea of hosting a wedding can scare the bejesus out of a sensible person, and it makes me sad that they wouldn’t be married because of the hinderance of a wedding.

So for one day I want to marry anyone and everyone that wants to be married but not have a wedding. I’ll do it at no cost, at The Riverstone Estate in Melbourne, for anyone that can legally enter into marriage in Australia. It’s a day of marriage amnesty!

Is Marriage Amnesty Day for you?

Does the idea of spending the rest of your life with your partner just excite the pants off you?

Does the idea of hosting a wedding make you sad?

Then yes, this is for you. Marriage Amnesty Day isn’t a mass wedding, or a cheap wedding, or a free wedding. It’s not a wedding at all. It’s just an opportunity for as many people as we can see in one day to get married at no cost, at no stress, and no fuss. No wedding dresses, no aisles or flowers. Just the raw amazingness of two people joining together in a union that celebrates their relationship, instead of the tradition of weddings.

It’s two people that want to be married, being married.

This is a pardon for you both to finally get married, despite the costs, burdens, problems, things in life that have just gotten in the way of you being married.

Legally, is Marriage Amnesty Day for you?

To get married in Australia both parties to the marriage, that is the both of you, need to be:

  • 18 or over
  • consenting to marriage with the other person
  • not married to another person
  • willing to enter into a lifelong union with the other person, voluntarily
  • not related to the other person
  • able to provide evidence of your place and date of birth, and your identity
  • and able to provide one month’s notice of your desire to marry

What’s the catch?

For one day only I’m going to marry anyone that meets the above legal criteria (unless the Marriage Act changes before the 6th of January).

I only ask that you’re not looking for a wedding. If you’d like a wedding, let’s plan a wedding. Today is a day for entering into marriage.

No guests are invited, you legally require two witnesses, so we’ll allow up to four people to join you as witnesses to the ceremony.

No wedding uniforms welcome. Just come in clothes that you love. Not clothes you’d wear at the end of the aisle.

You can exchange rings and vows if you like, or you don’t have to!

Some amazing photographers have already offered to be there on the day, so if someone grabs you offering to take your photo, you can just say yes if you’re keen, or no if you’re not 🙂

There is no cost, however if you’d like to financially part with some money as thank you for the event, then I support Plan Australia’s work in eliminating child marriage, and would support you doing the same!

How to get married on Marriage Amnesty Day

Step 1: be available on Saturday, 6th January 2018, at The Riverstone Estate in the Yarra Valley, Melbourne

Step 2: register now!

Step 3: complete the notice of intended marriage

It’s as simple as that!

From the 2016 Marriage Amnesty Day

Photos: link

Video: link


Credit: photo in this post is from Jade and Lewis’ elopement in the Yarra Valley with The Elopement Collective, myself, Red Earth Flowers and our friend Michael Briggs taking the photo!