I received a phone call from a couple today wanting to know if I did elopements, or registry weddings.

My initial reaction used to be to stay away from elopements. After all I’m the “fun, you, marriage celebrant” that guy that makes weddings fun and etc. Elopements are generally a more secret or rushed affair, the boring kind of wedding. But then I heard the couple’s story, they want to go home to their country to celebrate the wedding there and just want to complete the legal paperwork in their new home country so they are married here, then celebrate with their family back home.

Which is completely in line with my shtick. Celebrate your way, no-one elses.

So elopements are now a thing I do.

If you need your legal paperwork done before traveling, I can do it for you, if you just want to get legal with me then party with your friends, I can do it for you, if you just want to get married and celebrate your wedding later on, I can do it for you.

For more info, I’ve made a little ‘how to’ page on my new elopement service, I’m calling it: Kiss and Go.

Full disclosure: I stole the branding off Queensland Rail, I used to love going past the “Kiss and Ride” signage at Varsity Lakes every day.