Wedding people I think are awesome

Josh marries people. And he enjoys a wedding as much/if not more than the guests do! And he wears a cool bow-tie! and we like him. He’s kinda great!

Bek and Phil

Photographers, Heart and Colour

Josh’s hair game is on point, it’s easily the second best in the wedding industry. He also happens to be a kickass celebrant that makes weddings pretty darn rad.

Aaron Duncan

Kickass Wedding DJ, Cut A Rug

I’ve photographed a few weddings in my time, and I still find that there’s kind of this expectation amongst couples & their guests that the ceremony is supposed to be shit. Because let’s admit it, everyone has been to weddings where the ceremony was shit. So they book a shit celebrant for their own wedding, and we get stuck in this never ending cycle of shit ceremonies. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that Josh is the opposite to shit. If you book him, you’ll play an important role in breaking the aforementioned cycle.

Michael Briggs

Yarra Valley and Melbourne wedding photographer

Full of life and laugher. Josh’s passion for weddings really shines through in his unique and memorable ceremonies.

Danielle White

Director, White+White Weddings and Events

There are 2 things I love about Josh. No. 1 is his hair as it never seems to move. No. 2 is his ability to not only create a fun wedding ceremony, but his willingness to work WITH all those other suppliers involved. When you combine those 2 powers you have yourself a fantastic celebrant and a top bloke!

Glenn Mackay


Josh knows his shit AND will make your wedding awesome. Don’t book Josh if you want a mediocre, boring ceremony 🙂

Nick Koschel

Brisbane Wedding Entertainment

Awesome [ Aww – SA –omm! ] Refers to all actions, functions and dance moves associated with marriage celebrant Josh Withers. Adjective: inspiring, instilling a sense of admiration and awe. “Watching Josh Withers in action is an awesome sight!”  Origin: Derives from the root words “when I grow up I wanna be famous” original sources can be traced back to 1981 Gold Coast region. Scholars have noted that in recent years the original source has become confused with an American pop group, however all words pertaining to and associated with ‘Awesome’ have for some time been connected with the life works of Mr Joshua Withers.

Josh and Joey Begent

Photographers, Ethereal Photography

I like Josh for his off-the cuff style & a little bit because his big smile reminds me of the book worm from The Book Place. I find that soothing.

Amy Noonan

Head Mutt, Mutt In A Tux

Josh is an absolute breath of fresh air. As witty as he is nerdy, and totally down to earth. We love him so much we’re recording a ukulele song for him right now. He’s exactly the kind of guy you need for your non-stuffy-non-boring wedding.

Fidel and Sarah

Wedding music duo, Melbourne

This Josh guy said “write some nice words, send me a well-lit photo and lots of money, kid I’m gonna make you a star!” so of course I said “sign me up!” Josh is a great human and a brilliant celebrant. He wears fantastic suits, takes superb selfies, is kind to animals and is generally a top bloke. Some of his wedding ceremonies involve the drinking of scotch. You should 100% get him to be your celebrant. [Editor’s note: this comment was not paid for in real cash. We gave Elle Monopoly money] Elle Dawson-Scott

Wedding Photographer, Elle DS Photography

Josh is a breath of fresh air to the wedding industry. He is passionate with a kick ass sense of humour.

Deb Boots

Photographer, Boots Photography

First time I worked with Josh I quickly realized what a breath of fresh air he was, his infectious personality had the wedding party and guests in stitches.=

Geoff Schatzel

Cinematographer, Motion Art

I had the pleasure of working with Josh at a wedding recently, and he brought the ceremony to life like I have never seen before! The bride and groom loved him, and so did the crowd, and I found it really refreshing to be a photographer at a wedding where people were engaging and involved, and it certainly brings that little extra to the photos too. I hope to work with Josh again soon!

Malin Viktoria Burnand

Wedding Photographer, Love is a Place Photography

Josh is as vibrant, fun, and as full of life as our home of Hamilton Island! His attitude to love & marriage is next level cool. A consummate professional, perfect gentleman and we can’t wait to have him back!


Hamilton Island Weddings

WIN FREE SEX, now that I have your attention, Josh is the ‘real deal’, a really nice bloke who brings FUN to ‘celebranting’ (I know that’s not a real word, but you know what I mean). Josh also personifies what being a professional is all about and I love hearing a bride tell me that you are their celebrant because working with you is always a pleasure Josh.

Paul Collier

Wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies

Not sure who Josh is but everyone here seems to love him so he must be pretty cool… so yeah sure we’d love to be your friend too! Seriously though, Josh is nearly as awesome as us… almost… not quite but he’s not far off. That’s why he should be your wedding celebrant because you’re probably totally rad and that just might make Josh more awesome by association and when he gets to our level he can be our friend!

Shaun and TJ

Wedding Filmmakers, Lemon Tree Film House

I hadn’t seen Josh for many years until he turned up do be the Celebrant at my nephew’s wedding last year. It was one of the most different, relaxed and easy weddings I have been to. Josh has always been passionate with whatever he does, but especially as a celebrant.

Phil Strickland

Gold Coast musician, Breez’n

I really don’t mind what you put on the website. Just use a nice photo, like that black and white one from the car on our wedding day. Love you xx

Brittany Snow

My sweet wife and the Pop-Up Wedding Queen!, The Elopement Collective

Josh is a rad dude.

Morgan Roberts

Photographer, Morgan Roberts Photography

Josh is the guy that will jump in and do whatever it takes to make everything awesome. I can’t imagine anyone more perfect to officiate a wedding and help you kick off the party!

James Day

Photographer, Daylight Wedding Photography

Josh is a rad dude who takes what we call living to the next level. He doesn’t do anything in halves and will go the extra mile for you as your celebrant. He’ll also promise to wear a bowtie to your wedding and have awesome hair. No other celebrant will do that for you!

Jimmy Teo

Wedding Photographer, Izo Photography

Josh isn’t afraid to take a selfie…and we like that!

P.S. I (Trent) knew Josh before he was famous!!

[P.P.S. I (Josh) knew Trent before he was famous!] Trent and Jessie Rouillon

Freakingly amazing wedding photographers

Josh makes me smile when we catch up!

Nicole Cooper

Awesome Florist, Stem Design

I love me a Married By Josh wedding! Josh brings the focus back to where it should be, and makes it so dang fun. He removes the modern disconnect between the audience and the alter, and it’s completely refreshing and exciting. You’ve gotta get married by Josh!

Sophie Baker

Wedding Photographer, Sophie Baker Wedding Photography

We love working with people who have so much passion for weddings and the industry. Josh is that and more, passionate and always looking for new and fun ways to marry people. We love that!

Nicole and Justine

Wedding Stylists, Beautiful Weddings

One of my biggest accomplishments to date has been introducing Josh to the wooden bow tie. He now rocks them at wedding ceremonies all over the country. I’m pretty proud of that!

Kylie Maree

Photographer, Just For Love Photography

Josh likes to catch flies on wedding days because he is always so happy with his mouth wide open! But we love that 🙂 To view a photo of Josh with a fly on his tongue please go to

Nat Lynn

Milque Photography and Film

It’s great working with Josh. He is certainly unique and memorable, and LOVES what he does. He is also inclusive of the other wedding providers at the ceremony, and that makes for a great atmosphere for a great wedding.

Piper Joe

Piper, Aussie-Scot Events

It was apparent upon meeting Josh that weddings are not just his business but his passion and love! It was most refreshing to see that he was not just all about the wedding but also placed value on the marriage ahead.

Connie Penhallurick

Psychologist & Pre-Marital Educator, Relationships4Life

Josh stands for unique heartfelt ceremonies, allowing couples to create a special moment in time … AND he is a hoot! Honestly, what more is there!!

Adam & Jen

Caravan Bar, Gathering Events

I like the fact that Josh is serious about not being too serious 🙂 After all, a wedding is supposed to be a joyful and free-spirited affair; and no one combines effervescence and professionalism like Josh can!

Andrew Sun

Wedding photographer, Andrew Sun Photography

I love shooting with awesome people, and Josh is one of those.

Steve Thomas

Photographer, Vellum Studios

Josh is not the right celebrant for everyone. He is best suited to those people

  1. Have a pulse
  2. Want to celebrate the fact they are getting married
  3. Have a sense of humour

If you tick all the boxes above, you MUST hire Josh!

Nik Edser

Wedding DJ, NikNat Entertainment

Josh is such a genuine guy – an absolute delight to watch! He adds a personal touch to each and every ceremony he performs.

Monica Brennan

Functions Coordinator, Zen Catering

My celebrant friends

Sometimes I’m not available for weddings, so I refer people to my friends that are celebrants. Meet some of them here!