This hipster wedding celebrant is totes amazeballs

Can someone help me get these chai latteĀ stains out of my moccasins?

Hipster Wedding Celebrant Photography

That’s probably the most hipster wedding photo I have of myself in. Bek Grace, from Heart and Colour, a really cool, and quite hip, wedding photographer took it.

Joshua 'JD' Withers

Joshua 'JD' Withers

The Original Hipster Celebrant

Hi, I’m Josh and people kept on telling me they would find me on Google by searching hipster celebrant. But there was nothing hipster about me, or so I thought, until I started looking into it. It turns out I’ve been a hipster this whole time and didn’t even realise it. As exciting as this is it’s also kind of discerning, I don’t even like chai. Anyway, can you call me back? I’m knitting a cover for my iPad.

It’s gonna be such a disappointment when they realise you’re just a dork.

Ash Punch

My Hipster Friend

You are quite hip and with it aren’t you


Local Barista

What do peeps think about Josh?

The only thing not really intended as a joke is the fact that I'm a celebrant