In the past on this blog I’ve launched business workshops for celebrants and wedding professionals and this will be the last time anything of that nature happens here. But one last hurrah was needed in case you never found out about it!


Ever since Britt and I have been in business we have been infatuated with the concept of running a business not just for today, but for the long term. We’ve always wondered “can we do this forever”, which is a super valid thought when you have as awesome job like we do!

We’d read books and blogs and listen to podcasts and so much education and information was about building massive, big, international businesses that were so focused on growth. Which is awesome if that’s what you’re into,

Other business education series were about retiring when we were 30 (passed it!) or they were super emotionally manipulative.

So we eventually grew into this idea that we’d like to build not a popular business, not one that reached everyone, but a business that reached someone. Maybe a handful of someones. A business that was technically: unpopular.

In the past we’ve run in-person workshops, which are a lot of fun but it’s hard to get people in the room, so we’ve broken it all up and taken all of our educational material online and this is your invitation to join us!

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