You’ve probably already found there are millions and millions of wedding vendors out there, so this is my contribution to trying to help you out: What makes you different?

From time to time I’ll catch up with a friend in the wedding business, and interview them and try and find out what makes them different.

Today’s subject is Josh Hodgman from Joshua Lincoln Films

Who are you?

I’m Josh Hodgman, I’m the creative director and co-founder of Joshua Lincoln Films which is a film production house located in Brisbane.

We specialise in weddings, its something we’ve had more experience in.

Who did you found Joshua Lincoln films with?

My brother, Chris, takes care of the business, management, marketing side and I look after the creative side.

Why do you make films?

I personally believe that films have that power to make people experience an emotion and to draw an emotion.

I love knowing that when I put everything into a video that it will impact lives, it could create a worldwide impact, it could create change.

If a simple wedding video could create an emotion in you, but then also your friends and family, to tell them your marriage story, it could change people.

What’s your stand-out wedding? The one that still sits in your memory as the coolest?

Ben and Joelle’s wedding, it’s on my website, it’s a moment that we captured that really summed up the bride and groom so well.

The groom’s literally started singing and it’s such a powerful movement, a five-piece harmony just out of nowhere.

What’s your dream gear?

I’m repping my dream piece right now, a C100, it’s unrivalled in the film making business. I’d love a Canon C300, its bigger brother. It’s quality and sharpness is the best.

Name 10 things that make you different as a wedding videographer

1. We use top of the line production gear, most videographers still don’t they’re repping DSLRS
2. We’re the most cost-effective, best-value videographers in Brisbane.
3. We make something timeless and personalized for every wedding. Others have certain styles that they specialize in but our videos are ones that you can always share with your friends and won’t bore them.
4. We’re so flexible with what we can do
5. We don’t put time restrictions on your wedding day, we’re there start to finish.
6. We pride ourselves in capturing every moment, we’re not going top miss one moment in your wedding.
7. Wedding days are a blur, couples get to the end of their wedding day and ask “what just happened”. We specialize in making your wedding day last forever.
8. We’re fun. No-one in our company is “boring-looking” hahaha
9. I just love making films, I love the technology but I’m, not an awkward nerdy guy.
10. I one-hundred-percent believe in myself and my company. I spend so much time improving myself, in professional development, training, conferences and practice. You’re only as good as your last product, so my next product needs to be better.

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