My friends, Luke, Carla, and the whole team, at White Magazine make a magazine that I really like, and they’re asking for community support to go to the next level.

Why do I like them?

White Magazine celebrates marriage, and the celebration of marriage. It’s not about weddings, it’s about life, and celebrating life’s best, like getting married, whilst remembering that a wedding is not the destination. They talk about weddings, but also of marriage, and the amazing journey that is life.

Plus they’re a super passionate group of lovely humans that Britt and I are lucky to call friends. And the needs more passionate people.

How do they need help?

I’ll quote word-for-word from their Kickstarter project

Help us bring white to the world. Supplying a print publication to a global market comes at a much higher cost than our current, primarily Australasian distribution. We’re always so humbled by the organic support we receive internationally, along with the high number of requests to supply the magazine to areas of the world where we aren’t currently stocked, and would love more than anything to be able to reach these markets. Your support here would help us to find new distributors and/or channels of distribution all over the world!

Support to create a global product. With more global distribution, comes the need to create a more globally relevant product. To achieve this, we are aiming to reduce our reliance on paid advertising spaces as a primary source of income, to allow more time and space to take white to the next level, bringing our readers more inspirational content and even more compelling editorial. Your support here would help us to cover the costs of production and printing, so we can focus on driving our message.

How can you help?

Click on to and choose your reward for support, I recommend the $75 one year subscription with a sweet print as well, but you can support them from as low as zero to infinity!

Get on board!

Who is White Magazine?

This explains it pretty well 🙂