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Hi, I’m a gadget-obsessed-nerd and Foo Fighters fan living on the Gold Coast with Britt, my awesome wife of two years, and we have the great honour of travelling this vast planet celebrating that marvellous union called marriage. We’re just two kids in love interested in other kids in love. That’s my story, what’s yours?

Loads of fun

The mere fact that two people have fallen in love is crazy, if you ask me. So to get married, that’s an occasion worth celebrating. Weddings should be the most fun ever. Josh Withers is a really fun celebrant. So if you’re a fun person that likes doing fun things it’d be really crazy if we didn’t catch up, right?!

Short and sweet

Weddings traditionally just go on and on and on and on. I don’t think weddings should be quick, but they should take as long as it takes to celebrate your marriage, and  not a moment more. Everyone’s different, so your ceremony could take 13 minutes or a day.

Awesome PA system

Apparently most celebrants have terrible microphones and PA systems. Mine is awesome, modern, loud, clear, reliable, battery operated and wireless. There’s a zero percent chance of it not working at your wedding, and even less of a chance of everyone not hearing everything. Unless you’re Ozzy Osbourne.

All about marriage

Josh Withers is all about marriage. He thinks it’s the best thing two people can do together, except for two player GoldenEye 64. He’s such a fan of two people committing themselves to marriage that he celebrates marriage day in and day out. There’s no chance this will be an irrelevant or meaningless affair.

Thanks Josh, we loved having you as our Celebrant, you absolutely kicked arse. It was so good. I normally find ceremonies to be boring and strangely sad or awkward but I LOVED our ceremony. Thank you for making it amazing!

Ben and Leah

Sydney wedding, Watson's Bay

Josh was so great. As soon as we sat down for coffee with him, we knew that he was perfect for our ceremony. It’s so important to choose a celebrant that shares your view of marriage and who will make the ceremony amazing. Josh was so supportive of the little touches that we wanted and he has such a modern and profound understanding of what marriage is today. Our ceremony was touching, funny and suited us perfectly. I can’t recommend him enough, and I have already given away all the business cards I have of his to friends!

Dan and Kate

Hillstone St Lucia

I thought you were going to be a shit celebrant, but you were really good! (Clint says jokingly as I take a selfie with them) Clint and Ashleigh

Maleny Wedding

Lee and I just want to send you a MMMAAAASSSSIIIVVVEEE thank you for being such a special part of our magical day! You were nothing short of amazing! Both of us were nervous about the ceremony. Now, looking back, it was one of the biggest highlights of the day and we will never forget it. Your ability to make such a delicate moment fun and enjoyable yet maintain the appropriate level of “special” is nothing short of incredible. It’s reflective of how super cool of a human being you are! So thank you!

Lee and Courtney


Josh was a amazing. He understood exactly what we meant when we said “we don’t want to fall asleep”. Josh is a professional purveyor of fun, light hearted and touching wedding celebrations, but he still makes sure that the seriousness of the moment is woven into the lining of what he says. He had a clear understanding of what we wanted from this moment in time and did not fail to deliver.

Chris and Melissa

Kangaroo Point

Purveyor of awesome wedding ceremonies

Marriage Celebrant Josh Withers is the guy in charge of how boring your entire wedding is, or hopefully, isn’t! Josh Withers is a fun, young, celebrant, wholly passionate about marriage and equally passionate about weddings being awesome. He is the original purveyor of really awesome wedding ceremonies.

Contact Josh now
No other celebrant is nearly as good as Josh. Young, funny and a great guy! Nathan and Stacey

Carbrook, Queensland

Absolutely brilliant, listens to what you want and definitely knows how to command a creative wedding with mixed in humour, fun and creativity. His service was most talked about in the ceremony and cannot fault anything and he is happy to go along with any suggestions and surprises. Definitely recommend checking him out, I have recommended him to my friends who are next in line to be married. Fran and Esteban


Firstly, Thank you!! From the beginning of the process you made it easy and took care of all the official paperwork.
Secondly, you went above and beyond to give us the day we wanted. Both Russ & I are so thankful for you kind words and wisdom during our ceremony. Everyone at our wedding, loved you – especially us. xx

Russell and Brianna

Teneriffe Wedding

Just a great guy and I saw him on TV once so he must be ok, right? Dave

Local Barista

Josh Withers is the best celebrant EVER!

Michael and Jess, with a clearly unbiased opinion


Our wedding ceremony was a perfect reflection of us – and we couldn’t have done it without Josh’s help. Josh helped us write our own vows and design a unique ceremony that we loved. He was calm, relaxed and natural on the day, and always available to help beforehand. Jen and Nick


Three words! AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING! Josh will not only marry you to the love of your life, he will also put you completely at ease, make the entire experience easy, simple and fun and most importantly help hold your veil down when the wind attacks!

Scott and Rebecca


Specialising in enjoyable wedding ceremonies

Carl and I have just got back from our outback-Queensland-roadtrip-honeymoon-extravaganza, and we’d like to thank you for the ace job you did at our super-casual wedding. It was just ‘right’ for us, so thanks again. We will definitely recommend your services to anyone when we get the opportunity.

Carl and Emily


Thanks so much for being our celebrant- the way in which you listened and helped us pre wedding to create such a special, fun moment in time, we are very thankful for. We had lovely feedback about you and the ceremony itself. It was everything we had hoped it would be.

Rosie and Raoul

Brisbane Wedding, Lightspace

The Perth wedding celebrant in charge of the “love conveyor belt”, as seen on West Australian Channel 7 News

7 News


When I think celebrant I think “Boring old guy or lady with a bob hair cut”. When we first met Josh he told us there is no reason the ceremony has to be the boring part of the day. Josh bought the right amount of humour to make the formal part of the day memorable, different and interesting. Glad we came across Josh! Jodie and Reece

Gold Coast

My husband and I recently had the pleasure of exchanging our vows in the presence of the one-of-a-kind celebrant Josh Withers. Josh did everything for us; he provided ideas, equipment, support, humour, and atmosphere. Actually, to be honest, they weren’t even our vows – at the last minute he provided those as well! We probably aren’t the traditional couple, and I’m guessing that is exactly what Josh caters for. I didn’t want an overly sappy ceremony, something short, sweet, and a touch of humour to keep everyone interested (because most are there for the booze right?!). I don’t remember much of what was said in our vows, but while I was grinning from ear to ear in front of my groom, I do remember vowing to stand by him in a zombie apocalypse. Josh can pick personalities quite well and he’ll likely adapt his style to suit the celebrations. I really enjoyed having him around; he’s a great bloke and a fantastic celebrant. As I’ve said to the many guests that have asked for his details, I’d happily (and forcefully) recommend him as a wedding celebrant. It was truly memorable! Ant and Sally


Josh assisted in providing the relaxed vibe we were after for our wedding day. He was relaxed, allowed us to be quite creative with our vows, while also being professional. I will be recommending him to our friends. Renee and James


You asked if there was any piece of advice that I could offer any of your brides out there and there would be one thing… Don’t Stress!!! You have the man of your dreams and the best celebrant so everything else are minor details. People commented on how calm I was which is unusual for me, I am the worrier of this relationship. But I knew I had nothing to be concerned about, Paul would be there and you would have everything else under control. For that Josh, I can’t thank you enough. The ceremony was perfect and said everything we wanted too but just didn’t know how.

Paul and Nicole


From the moment we found Josh at the Vintage and Handmade Wedding Fair, we knew he was ‘the one’ and our coffee date sealed the deal. We left our meeting so excited to have Josh marry us. Finding the perfect celebrant was of utmost importance and we found that in Josh. He is without doubt the most wonderful person and we could not have imagined anyone else to officiate our marriage and kick start the next chapter in our lives.
It is so refreshing to be in the presence of someone who is as truly passionate and excited about your marriage as you are! His vibrancy and zest for life is so invigorating and contagious, you can’t help but smile when he is around.
The entire planning process was simple and stress free. His ability to keep everything cool, calm and collected is nothing short of incredible. Josh gave us the most precious gift by creating a ceremony that was non traditional, fun and most importantly us.

Josh, James and I cannot thank you enough for everything you did for us in the lead up to our wedding and on our amazing day. Thank you for helping make our day as wonderful as it was. It was the perfect start to our next adventure! To reference your beautiful speech about James and I being a fan of one another, we are most definitely a fan of You! Amy and James

Binna Burra

We’re so lucky to have had Josh as part of our wedding day. Josh somehow managed to bring together all our crazy ideas and relationship quirks and turn them into a seamless wedding ceremony that suited us perfectly. We really cannot recommend Josh highly enough – he’s just awesome! Ryan and Meika


Would you get Married at First Sight? I’m really looking forward to this new show on Channel Nine in 2015!

I don’t agree with the premise that “people that say nothing changes after the wedding”… It all gets better because there is no more ‘planning a wedding’ stress!!! From my perspective as a bride, the whole experience was so beautiful. I know it sounds super lame, but that moment I was holding my dad’s arm and walking down the aisle towards my (soon-to-be) husband, with all our loved ones to cheer us on, was simply the happiest I have ever felt in my whole entire life! I just could not wait to be married to that man waiting for me; I was so excited to kiss my husband! Thank you for picking up on my excitement and working with it (rather than being set to a ”scripted” speech). Chris was really pleased with how you could relate to all the guests so well, you really managed to break the ice and ease any tension in the room (he says that included his nerves). He was also really happy that he was able to trust the whole ceremony to your capable hands. The vows that you printed on the cards with ‘love’ on the back was really nice! I loved that!

Jade and Chris

Brisbane, Moda Restaurant

Josh did an amazing job with our ceremony – his enthusiasm and personality made for an excellent experience I look back on with nothing but smiles. Josh isn’t like any other celebrant we’ve seen, we highly recommend him for your big day!

Nicole and Lee

O'Reillys Rainforest Retreat

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