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Since 2009 Josh Withers has been creating fun, epic, personal and enjoyable marriage ceremonies for thousands of people around the world from his base on the Gold Coast in Australia.

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The best celebrant

For over a decade Josh has been the number-one celebrant in Australia. Marrying everyone from celebrities to your neighbours, he's an accessible and inclusive celebrant with a friendly and personable demeanour that is unique in the celebrant space.Read the reviews from former couples to find out more.

Eloping in Tasmania with The Elopement Collective

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Celebrant Institute

Membership program for the highest-performing celebrants in Australia. Professional development & encouragement for the modern celebrant.

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The Celebrant Talk Show

A regular podcast made for and by celebrants on the laws, styles, science and art of being the very best celebrant you can be.

Marriage equality is important to me

Elope somewhere epic!

Elopement celebrant

When you elope you create a memory more intimate and special than any wedding could. Devoid of the burdens and weight of a wedding, you're freed to create the most meaningful and special moment for the creation of your marriage.

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In 2024 the Elopement Collective is spending June and July in Europe, creating epic adventurous elopements for people just like you! Find out more and enquire today before the calendar fills up.

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In 2023 the Withers family is spending time in Mexico, starting near Cabo in the Baja California Sur township of Todos Santos and making our way to the Mexican mainland. We'd love to create an epic elopement for you!

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Wedding celebrant

One of the most powerful elements of a wedding that is often forgotten is that you get to gather your people, your friends and family, and proudly proclaim "this is who we are!" and that when people like you get married, you do it this way.

Brisbane wedding celebrant

Be inspired in your wedding planning, becoming a rebel, read and listen to The Rebels' Guide

Rebel's Guide

There's a succinct art and speciality to breaking the mould and creating somethingunique and special in your wedding. You've got to be a rebel, pushing back on traditions and how everyone else thinks it should be done.
Read and listen to the Rebel's Guide to Getting Married for inspiration and encouragement in planning a wedding in a meaningful and special way.

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Thank you

It's an honour to be able to positively influence the moment you get married. Thank you for inviting me into your wedding!